IT was great to see Idris Elba filming in Glasgow for the second time in his movie career.

Some may have forgotten, but the Fast and Furious star actually filmed Legacy at Glasgow’s own Film City in Govan’s old town hall as well as Glasgow’s City Chambers eight years ago.

I had the pleasure of meeting him a year before that when he just finished starring in the Wire and was pursuing his other passion – DJing.

He was in Oran Mor at the time and it was one of those occasions where you could easily have missed him.

He was DJing behind the desk under the name Big Driis with his cap on and we had a quick chat after he’d finished his set. I was trying to find the pic we took but it’s somewhere in the internet attic.

A year later, while filming here, he went along to the now defunct O’Couture Club, in Sauchiehall Street.

That’s where he met Scots DJ Mash and the two DJs struck up a friendship culminating in a music release last year.

Anyway, this time round Idris didn’t stick around – staying in his penthouse at the Blythswood (where he took the pic of the saltire) in between filming.

He will come back though, so keep an eye out for Driis at a club near you.

Freddie fever

I AM now obsessed with Freddie Mercury after watching The Queen movie at the very nice new boutique style Everyman Cinema In Princes Square. Wow!

As well as watching YouTube videos of Marc Martel, the Canadian singer, who could well be a reincarnation of the star, and sings in the film, I have now started scouting eBay for any real memorabilia that belonged to Freddie.

I go through phases of this and have previously bid on line for Liberace’s ring (it was too dear in the end), a plate that was meant to be used on the Titanic (also too dear) , and a piece of Dorothy’s Yellow brick road – which I bought, alongside some straw, fur and metal shavings from the scarecrow, lion and tin man costumes.

Anyway, I managed to find some people who met Freddie in 1979 at the now defunct Glasgow Albany hotel.

They tell me he was wearing black nail polish on his thumbs and a fur coat. I also found a ticket to his show in 1979 priced at £4.75. It’s not currently for sale but you can buy one for Roger Taylor’s Queen Extravaganza Tonight at the SEC Armadillo.

What a hoot

I GOT the best fright of Hallowe’en when an owl decided to spread its wings and fly in my face in Paisley.

I was thrilled to attend the huge Hallowe’en Parade celebrations there as part of the year of young people alongside musicians including Caitlyn Vanbeck and G Side.

And I got to hold an owl courtesy of Owl Magic, which takes its birds to schools and communities to meet people at events.

Belle the Scandinavian Tengmalm was a wee beaut. She’s met Sirius Black, from the Deathly Hallows, as well as Darth Vader, Chewbacca and Ghostbusters at conventions.

We hit it off until she decided she’d had enough of my chat and gave me the fright of my life. If you want to see the full horror check out my video online.

Shine a light

Scotland’s own Willy Wonka of the party world Oli Norman told me it took 10 years for him to realise his dream of GlasGlow.

The Itison entrepreneur has managed to make the West End’s Botanic Gardens even more magical than usual with light shows, magical soundscapes and dragons.

My favourite bit has to be the creepy dolls house section.