UPDATE: Motherwell mum at centre of racist ‘lookie lookie’ storm is sister of champion boxer Charlie Flynn. Read more here.

A LANARKSHIRE mum has told people to “get a grip” after she came under heavy fire for dressing her up as a ‘lookie lookie’ man for Halloween.

Nursery nurse Claire Flynn, from Motherwell, has been branded a “racist” after she covered her daughter Sienna in black face paint, and making her pose with sunglasses.

Sharing an image of the three-year-old on Facebook, Claire captioned it: “Happy Halloween from Benidrorms finest......lookie lookie.”

The post has gathered thousands of reaction online as many queued up to slam the 26-year-old for her actions.

Claire deleted the post early on Friday afternoon.

One man said: “Your ignorance is of the highest level. I hope social services get involved, as well as you losing your job. You are in charge of other people’s children. Please educate yourself as to why BLACKface is offensive to black people.”

Another said: “Her five minutes of fame and stupidity are going to cost her big time.”

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Others, however, defended the mum and praised her for her “creativity.”

Ben Stidston said: “I think it’s brilliant and not one bit racist. We are all one race and the only race that matters: the human race! Leave the girl alone, she wanted to be a lookie lookie man because she liked them and should be the end of it.”

Another woman wrote: “She's imitating something she seen for Halloween. When my daughter dressed up as a nun, was she slagging them? No, she was just copying for an outfit.”

Zoe Rowland added: “I think this is belting, I don’t find this racist whatsoever. 10/10 for creativity.”

Defending her actions, Claire told those who have been offended to “get a grip.”

She said: “I’m not going to apologise for this or delete my post. If people want to be all PC about it, they need to take a look at themselves. It’s really not an issue.

“We were in Magaluf on holiday in September and Sienna got a toy monkey from the ‘lookie lookie’ men. She loved them and wanted to go back and see them everyday.

"That’s when I had the idea. I’m just a creative person and that’s what Halloween is all about.”

“It’s a kid in a costume wearing face paint. People need to get a grip,” she added, reports the Daily Record.