A MAN who was left untreated for almost three hours after calling an ambulance had not received an apology 24 hours on.

Robert Comrie, 47, was last night recovering after surgery for a broken thigh bone after an accident in Glasgow's East End on Monday.

He was left lying on a grassy verge alongside Barlanark Road between 10.10am and 12.20pm before an ambulance arrived, before he was taken to Glasgow Royal Infirmary 30 minutes later.

Robert’s mother, Catriona, spoke out after the family were not contacted by emergency services representatives after the ordeal.

The 67-year-old said: “Robert was in theatre today with a broken thigh bone but was quite comfortable.

“The ambulance service said they would contact us but he is in the hospital and we haven’t heard anything.

“We still aren’t sure how it took so long to get someone to Robert.

“In the end it was my other son, who works as a porter at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, that had to come and help get him in the ambulance.

“Since he has been admitted nobody has said anything about how long he was lying there. I know it isn’t the staff’s fault, everyone is under a lot of pressure trying to do their jobs.

“But ambulances are meant to prioritise patients, and that clearly didn’t happen with Robert.”

In a statement, Scottish Ambulance Service said they were “experiencing exceptionally high levels of demand” and that Mr Comrie waited “longer than they would have liked.

With Robert now in hospital, the family have now moved to thanking those who worked to keep him as comfortable as possible throughout the incident.

Dozens of residents from nearby gathered to keep Robert’s spirits up during the wait.

But concerns remain over the future of Robert’s health. After a hip replacement two years ago Robert has used a walking stick to get around and a broken femur could make mobility a greater issue for the 47-year-old.

His mum added: “Robert was not very steady on his feet to begin with, so we will have to see how he recovers after surgery.

“After his hip surgery he was in for four days but I have no idea he could be kept in hospital.

“Everyone was brilliant though, and I can’t thank people enough for staying with him, especially to John and Debbie who were there the whole time.

“Even those who were driving past offering support were fantastic, everyone was frozen.

“Robert doesn’t remember half of what has happened, which may not be a bad thing.

“But I’m still thankful that wasn’t an older person that this happened to. They wouldn’t have survived that, I’m sure of it.”

A spokesman for the Scottish Ambulance Service said: "We would like to apologise to Mr Comrie for the wait he experienced and will be contacting him directly."