A SON, whose mother’s breast cancer was found early as a result of screening, has spoken of what her surviving the disease has meant to him.

Thomas Small, 23, from Airdrie, became the first to tell his ‘My Survivor’ story as part of a campaign to help change the way cancer is viewed, and encourage more people to act if they have concerns.

Detect Cancer Early Survivors campaign aims to illustrate that more people are surviving cancer than ever before, and drive home the fact that getting checked early plays a big part.

Following the unveiling of a bold new TV advert for the campaign, people are being encouraged to join the movement by sharing what a loved one’s cancer survival has meant to them, using #MySurvivor in a bid to tell the other side of the story.

Thomas, who refers to his mother Christine, 57, as the ‘centre of the family’ spoke of his gratitude that she went to her screening appointment when invited, with her treatment and subsequent recovery meaning she continues to be part of big family events like his sister’s wedding and his graduation.

Thomas said: “I’m so glad she chose not to shy away from her mammogram appointments, and to this day feel very lucky that she was diagnosed so early on.”