CLUB and pub bosses have reacted to the decision to allow 4am opening in Glasgow.

The Evening Times reported yesterday how the Licensing Board has approved a pilot where nightclubs can open for an extra hour if they meet strict criteria.

One of the city’s leading club owners said it was a positive move for Glasgow.

Donald McLeod of Holdfast Entertainments, which owns the Garage and Cathouse clubs, said the board has listened to concerns and the change will be good.

He said: “It is only nightclubs which can apply for the pilot. It will reward those who invest in safety. “It stops others which are only interested in selling drink from gaining extra hours while doing very little.

“It is radical without being stupid. I think it will be good for the city and It’s right it should be city centre only.

“We will apply for the pilot. There is only a limited number of places who can do this. It will help keep nightclubs alive. In cities where there is no distinction between clubs and pubs with late opening nightclubs are dying.”

Others, however, are less than pleased with the move and feel it is unnecessary.

Paul Waterson, of the Scottish Licensed Trade Association, which represents many pubs some nightclubs, said: “We were against it. There should be a differential between pubs and nightclubs but we think 3 am is fair and reasonable hours.

“Our members tell us there are transport problems and there will be difficulty getting staff to work the extra hour.”

He added: “Most business is done up until about 2.30 am when people start to leave. We don’t think this is necessary.

Mr Waterson, a former nightclub owner, said there are cost implications for clubs.

He added: “If one goes for it then the others will feel they have to as well.”

It is not only staff working in clubs who will be affected by later opening.

Glasgow Street Pastors operate in the city centre offering to support people who need help.

Stuart Crawford, Street Pastor co-ordinator, said: “It’s fine to extend the opening hours but it has implications for others who serve the city centre.

“Fast food outlets, those cleaning the streets and the street pastors. We will have to think about changing our opening hours.

“We will see the same issues but an hour later. There is the potential for those who do misuse alcohol to misuse it further.”

A council spokesman said: “The additional hour will only be available to licence holders that can demonstrate a level of excellence in the way they manage their premises. “Factors such as a commitment to staff training and social responsibility, good employment practices, investment in safety and security and a reduced reliance on single use plastic could all help make the case for the additional licensed hour.