THE man accused of attempting to murder a nine-month-old baby turned up at his family home in the early hours of the morning carrying the unconscious child, a court was told.

Dad-of-three William Robertson, 21, denies assaulting the baby girl, who was in his care, by repeatedly striking her on the head and body or repeatedly throwing her, dropping her at his then home in Jean Armour Drive, Clydebank, on September 9, 2017.

His sister Juliette Robertson, 32, a manager and mother-of-two, said that her brother arrived at the house which was just two or three minutes walk away from his Clydebank flat with the baby wrapped in a blanket.

Robertson told his sister the baby had fallen. She dialled 999 and as she spoke to the operator she noticed that the little girls’s skull was misshapen.

A jury at the High Court in Glasgow heard her during the 999 call say: “Oh my f***ing God. I’ve just seen the back of her head, it’s really bad. I think it’s her skull. It’s misshapen.”

Ms Robertson was asked by prosecutor Mr Farrell from what height her brother said the baby had fallen.

He said: “Did you say ‘I’ve just confirmed how high she fell from and he’s adamant it was the seat,” and she replied: “Yes that’s what William said.”

During the phone call the baby can be heard groaning as she regains consciousness and Robertson is crying.

Ms Robertson told the jury that the baby had bruising to her forehead and a misshapen skull and added: “She had lines – bruises – on her face that looked like finger marks.”

The mum told the jury that when she arrived at the hospital around 4.20am Robertson was sitting on a chair and the baby was screaming in pain.

Robertson denies all the charges against him and the trial before Judge Norman Ritchie continues.