PATHETIC thugs wrecked six bus shelters on a major South Side route.

Passengers were left stepping over shattered glass after the wrecking spree through Muirend and up to Clarkston.

In what would appear to be a planned attack, the shelters were all part of the journey taken by the number 6 and 4 buses.

A Glasgow City Council spokesman said: "We completely understand - and share - the frustration of local residents who are fed-up with the disruption caused by pathetic vandals.

"The cost to repair the damage to bus shelters is quite substantial – and it’s the public who suffer.

“This kind of vandalism is completely self-defeating.

"The people carrying out this anti-social behaviour need to realise they are only harming their own community and affecting their own friends, neighbours and family members.”

The damage is believed to have been caused on Monday but, despite the extent of the damage, Police Scotland said no reports of vandalism had been made from the public.

Workmen were at the scene yesterday clearing up the mess left behind by thugs.

One bus passenger, who asked not to be named, said: "This is really ridiculous.

"The glass is so badly shattered it looks like snow on the ground - it's thick and lying everywhere.

"It would be dangerous for small children and isn't easy for elderly people to step over.

"You just wonder what the point is?

"Where is the joy in making strangers stand out in the rain to wait for a bus because you've battered the bus shelter?"

Earlier this year thugs in Tollcross also smashed up bus shelters, leaving our readers calling for stops to be vandal proof.

We heard other stories of shelters across the city being vandalised with increasing frustration from local communities.

Areas across the East End, including Parkhead and Bridgeton, Springburn, Craigend, Riddrie, Barmulloch, Balornock and Easterhouse also suffered.

A spokeswoman for bus operator First Glasgow, said: “We are disappointed to learn that these passenger facilities have been damaged, but we will continue to visit schools and community groups to raise awareness of the dangers that these kinds of acts can lead to.”