COMEDIAN and Strictly star Susan Calman watched Batman movies on loop during her birthday celebrations on Tuesday night.

Susan came back to Glasgow for her downbeat celebrations after catching the sleeper train from London as it turned midnight. She was given some tea in bed and a happy birthday note by the lovely staff who know her well.

The uber-talented comedian, who scooped up a Scottish Bafta for her series Armchair Detectives, was looking extra glam on Sunday night in her tartan frock.

Susan attended the bash with her lawyer wife Lee Cormack

She told me she currently spends her free time watching podcasts.

She said: “I’m absolutely obsessed with podcasts. There is a podcast called How Did This Get Made, which is a film one and one called All Filla No Killa, which is about two Manchester comedians who talk about serial killers

as well as a political podcast.

I love them because they are brilliant.”

Proudly displayed

ALAN Cumming was in his element as he walked around the green room at the Baftas with First Minister Nicola Sturgeon.

He told me he has considered moving back home at times but is enjoying life out in the States just now.

It was a highlight of the night seeing Sesame Street’s Elmo and Whoopi Goldberg send congratulations on his Lifetime Achievement award at the Baftas.

He told me he has no plans for displaying it publicly just yet.

He said: “I wouldn’t let it go in Club Cumming with those types. It’s going in my house.

I have a place going down the steps of my basement in my house. I don’t want them to dominate my life too much.

“I think it’s bad when people say I’ll use it as a doorstop in the bathroom. I’ll display them but not let them be too present. These are nice things. I see awards and this one is a kind of spur of encouragement to keep going rather than something to put up and look at and think ‘I’m done now’.”

Bertie’s brownie

Footballing legend Bertie Auld, below, admitted he stole something for his wife from Celtic Park’s boardroom when I met him at the game on Saturday.

The original Lisbon Lion was in sparkling form as I met him in the prestigious room at Parkhead.

I managed to pose beside the huge trophy in the boardroom as I watched a posse of players and manager Brendan Rodgers, as well as football pundit David Tanner, go by.

Bertie told me straight after the game: “I must go home now and the wife said I’ve to bring her something to eat, so I stole a cake. It’s a brownie cause that’s what she likes the most.”

They were nice.

Bertie enjoyed hanging out with the team and said: “Like every other day, when Celtic play, they entertain.

“You can’t do anything else but enjoy it. I’ve been thrown out of better places than this.”

Bertie, whose singing video on a plane went viral, said

we will see him singing somewhere soon and laughed: “I usually sing from the back of my throat.”

Singing trio The Cutkelvins had a ball at the launch of’s new Pain In The Sass Perfume at Tribeca Merchant City.

The X Factor finalists were seen gabbing away to singer Caitlyn Vanbeck and Heart Radio presenter Lynn Hogan at the bash.

Jay said: “We have been in the studio working on a lot of songs and we’ve done a lot of shows.”

Singer Shereen added: “We want to make sure the first song we come out with is very special. Instead of releasing when we were going to we are going to come back strong in the new year. It is going to be very different what we did in the show. It will be more along the lines of what we did prior to the show.”

Younger brother Kyle added: “We are going to go back to our roots and back to where it all started. Music is about love and we’ve always got that music in our hearts.”

Shock value

Fiona Kennedy’s actress daughter Sophie Kennedy Clark told me she likes to shock her mum at every occasion.

Live-wire Sophie, who starred in The Cry, has just made her first short film as a director.

She said: “I’m an actress in it too. It’s called Gutter Punks and it was never going to be normal, was it?”

Sophie, who has stripped in the past for roles in productions such as Nymphomaniacs, added: “I’ve made some alternative career choices in my time with some auteurs and artistic directors but I think you always want to shock your parents a little bit don’t you.”