SHE might have put a Celtic tattoo on her Rangers loving ex live on MTV - but Victoria Obahor has no regrets. 

Victoria, who has put up with Brian Matthews womanising ways over the years, says she’s not intimidated by the online hate she’s received since pulling the stunt in Just Tattoo of Us. 

She told me: “I think two fingers up to lot of them who think it was evil. It’s not them who went through it. It’s me. 

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“It’s heartbreaking that Brian cares more about the tattoo than me because I thought he was in love with me and he’s not.”

Evening Times:
A gutted Brian with the tattoo

Victoria, who claims the tattoo was her revenge for what he got up to that night with Jane Park and countless others, added that she’s now staying at her mum’s. 

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However, she told me she is still in touch with Brian to keep things as amicable as 
can be. 

What’s the bet they’ll be back on by Christmas?

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