CONCERNED residents from an area terrorised by fireworks on Bonfire Night are calling on local officials to ensure protections are in place ahead of next year's event.

Riot police were called to Pollokshields after around 40 men - some in balaclavas - threw explosives at homes, cars and community police officers.

Chief Inspector Ross Allan reported seeing industrial fireworks up to five feet in length during an assault on the area that left locals frightened and in tears.

Now Pollokshields Community Council is hosting an event with First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, cross-party politicians and senior police.

Local resident Danny Philips, whose video of November 5 went viral, has been petitioning local politicians to ask for solutions to be found.

A debate on the issue has been convened for November 26 at Westminster where local MP Alison Thewliss is expected to ask for meaningful action from Ministers.

The local community is invited to attend the event in Glendale Primary School, on McCulloch Street, from 7pm on Monday, November 26.

The event was initially due to be held in Pollokshields Community Centre but a surge in interest has meant a move to a larger venue.

Mr Phillips said: "The experience in different areas around the city is very different.

"Some people have a really enjoyable time; for other places it's terrible.

"Our experience this year was really exceptional and we, firstly, need to make sure it is never repeated but we also need to find out what everyone thinks because people in different places will have different views.

"We should be discussing solutions such as exclusion zones or dispersal areas or banning sales without a licence."