Theresa May, fed up with being hounded by her own Tory MPs, decided it would be a good idea to get out of London for a while.

So, she headed for Scotland.

The Prime Minister is on a nationwide tour hoping to persuade people her Brexit plan is a winner and they will then tell their MPs to vote for it.

The problem with this strategy is Theresa May doesn’t do meeting the people unless its at a village fair with cream teas and a spot of morris dancing

She saddled up the Brexit pony and headed for a leather factory in Renfrewshire.

Someone presumably told her it was a good place to hide.

The visit was cloaked in secrecy with the location kept under wraps with media told ‘a visit in the Glasgow area’.

Now if previous dealings with the UK government (particularly the DWP over Jobcentre closures) is anything to go by this could’ve meant Peterhead.

At the Evening Times, we assumed our invitation was lost in the post. We were wrong, we were not invited.

It turned out neither was our sister paper The National. When we queried this were told “space was limited”.

Ah yes that will be because of all the adoring public desperate to meet their Prime Minister.

It turns out we didn’t miss much.

She breezed in and breezed out. Presumably more adoring public awaited somewhere else.

At the Evening Times we are not taking it personally. We will always have the time for the Prime Minister.

If she is ever passing this way again we would be delighted to welcome her to the city. So Theresa, c’mon and we’ll show ye aboot’.

I’ll take her to the South West foodbank in Hillington Park Church where I met a man who had been waiting 14 weeks for a decision on PIP and was racking up debt.

I could take her out on Sauchiehall Street and introduce her to the men and women sleeping in tents in doorways.

The night shelter opens tomorrow, I’d be happy to speak to Glasgow City Mission and arrange a visit there too.

I could take her to Springburn to meet teenage boys Somer and Areeb Baksh who are terrified they will be deported to Pakistan and face violence because they are Christian.

Consider yourself invited, Prime Minister.