CELTIC fans sing proudly about knowing their history, but Kieran Tierney isn’t one for living in the past. At just 21, the full-back and lifelong Celtic supporter has a medal collection that he could have only dreamed about as a kid. Reflecting on that haul though, will have to wait.

One day, when he sits down and properly assesses what he achieved in his career, of course these medals will all mean something. But for today, as he goes in search of another, they mean nothing. Only the one he could be hoisting around his neck this afternoon has any relevance.

“It won’t be until we finish playing that we’ll realise what this period has been like,” said Tierney. “But there is still an awful lot for us to achieve. If I start thinking about what we have done in the past couple of years, that will not be a good thing. I just look forward and not look back.

“We have won six trophies in a row in the past couple of seasons, but that doesn’t matter now. Going into the final, no-one cares about the previous six. It’s all about this one. All about being ready. That’s how the players have to think and it’s the same with the fans. We want to win everything that we possibly can, and Sunday offers us a great chance.”

The relentless churn of big matches for Celtic means the players cannot afford to adopt any other mind-set. They only arrived back in Glasgow on Friday afternoon after keeping their Europa League qualification hopes alive with a fine win over Rosenborg in Norway, a performance that far from tiring out the Celtic players, has energised them according to Tierney.

“This is another massive game for us and it’s crazy in a way how there was a massive game on Thursday and another one now,” he said. “You just need to deal with it and it’s a huge occasion to look forward to. There hasn’t been a lot of time to recover, but we’ll do our best.

“We’ve had a few bad nights in the Europa League and we got a bit of stick for them, but the way we have bounced back with two wins in a row just shows the character we have to have won the games.

“We stayed in Norway on Thursday night and that meant we weren’t going into training on Friday having had half a sleep, so it’s really professional and it needs to be to perform at a high standard.

“When you go to Hampden, you know that you are there for a big occasion. It’s a game which I’m looking forward to and the fans will be, too. You feel that whenever you go, you must have the confidence to play and that is what the manager has built into us. He wants us to go and perform anywhere and Hampden is another big pitch for us. It suits the way we play and we’ve had great results there in the past, but we take nothing for granted.

“We know that it’s going to be a tough, tough game against Aberdeen because they make it hard for you. The last game was 1-0 for us at Celtic Park and they beat us the time before that, so that tells you it’s not going to be easy. No-one takes Aberdeen lightly. It’s going to be difficult.”