A POPULAR community radio station in Glasgow is being hauled in by regulators after repeatedly broadcasting obscenities.

Ofcom said it wanted to discuss “compliance procedures” at Sunny Govan Radio after multiple breaches of the broadcasting code over explicit song lyrics.

In August, Ofcom reported Sunny Govan had broadcast a song including a word classed as the “most offensive” language, shortly before 6pm on May 21.

Sunny Govan Community Media Group (SGCMG), the licensee for the station, apologised “wholeheartedly” for any offence caused, and blamed a “file labelling issue”.

But on Monday, Ofcom reported further breaches by the FM station in September.

Songs broadcast on three different mornings contained the words “f***” or “f***ing”.

SGCMG again apologised and insisted it took “due care and diligence when checking material for broadcast”, and said all the tracks were chosen by listeners, not staff.

The licensee also claimed it might be the victim of a conspiracy.

Ofcom’s report said: “SGCMG raised concerns about the ‘constant stream of complaints’ against it and the impact of these on its presenter. It requested Ofcom to consider the potential for ‘victimisation of community radio presenters by...members of the public, ex volunteers or rival broadcasters and apply mechanisms to reduce this happening’.”

Ofcom said it was the licensee’s duty to check the lyrics,“particularly in the case of tracks requested by listeners”.

Despite Sunny Govan’s claim it was being victimised, Ofcom said the complaints “raised legitimate concerns”.

Sunny Govan Radio, a charity which began life 20 years ago and now broadcasts 12 hours a day, confirmed there would be a meeting Ofcom but declined to comment further.

An Ofcom spokesperson said: “We are inviting the licensee in to discuss its compliance procedures. The aim of this meeting is to ensure its future compliance with the rules under our Broadcasting Code.”