THE Scottish Parliament has voted to reject Theresa May’s Brexit plan.

SNP, Labour, Greens and LibDem MSPs united to back a motion to tell the Prime Minister to scrap her deal while the Tories said the SNP was using Brexit to stoke up grievance and bolster support for independence.

MSPs heard the deal would be bad for jobs, businesses, and regeneration and infrastructure projects in Glasgow and would hit already struggling families in the poorest communities hard.

After a two and a half hour debate, which was heated and at times saw angry exchanges, MSPs voted by 92 to 29 to reject the Prime Minister’s Brexit deal and her alternative of a no deal.

The Conservatives were the only party to refuse to support the joint motion to reject, and to defended the deal that the Prime Minister is struggling to get through the UK Parliament at Westminster.

Michael Russell, Scottish Government Brexit Secretary, challenged individual Tory MSPs on the deal.

To Adam Tomkins, Glasgow Conservative MSP, he said Glasgow and other cities benefited greatly from EU social funds and regional development funds which he said “accelerated the growth of Glasgow’s small enterprises.”

He asked: “Who will replace those much needed funds in Glasgow? Is Mr Tomkins really going to vote against that?”

Mr Russell said people would lose out financially despite the promises made during the referendum.

He said: “Forget about £350m a week for the NHS it is £30 a week less every man woman and child, with no respite.”

Mr Russell said the Scottish Tory MSPs motivation was purely political.

He said: “For in truth this deal is about saving the Prime Minister, not about saving her country.”

Mr Tomkins, leading the debate for the Tories challenged the other parties to provide an alternative to the deal that was on the table.

He said all the talk about another referendum or a General Election or a people’s vote was “just noise”.

He added: “We are leaving because that’s what the British people told us that’s what they want.

“To take back control of our laws, borders, and money.”

He attacked the SNP and questioned their motivations for opposing the deal Theresa May negotiated with the European Union.

He said: “Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP are trying to weaponise Brexit to further their independence agenda.

“Unlike the SNP we believe the results of referendums should be respected.”

He said the UK voted to leave and the Tories were the only party standing up for the one million Scots who voted to leave.

Mr Tomkins and Annie Wells were the only Glasgow MSPs in Holyrood to support the Prime Minister’s deal.

Pauline McNeill, Labour MSP for Glasgow said the deal was not acceptable as she said it would damage the economy.

Ms McNeill said: “We must find a way through that will not make people poorer, the families who have struggled through the last ten years of austerity.

“It won’t be Jacob Rees-Mogg or Boris Johnson who will struggling because of this.”

She said it was equal to losing £1000 per year for every person.

She added: “I want to see a deal that protects ordinary people’s lives.”

James Kelly, Glasgow Labour MSP, said it will not do anything for poorest communities in Glasgow and Scotland.

He said this deal does nothing for the 230,000 kids living in poverty or the 400,000 workers who are not paid the real Living Wage.”

Some Tory MSPs who voted Remain in the referendum, like Liz Smith who said she still wanted to stay in the EU said they now backed the deal to leave.

While Alex Neil of the SNP who said as someone who voted for Brexit told the Chamber he couldn’t support it because it was the “worst of both worlds and the best of none”.