KT Tunstall doesn’t typically do things by halves.

The Scottish rocker hasn’t just released a new album, she released the second instalment of three albums, which she describes both as “a trilogy based on soul, body and mind” and “riff heavy, electric guitar based 70s rock and roll”.

And when she signed up to support this weekend’s charity Sleep in the Park event in Scotland’s cities, she said she would play a gig at all four, and get between them in a helicopter.

Well, that’s until the weather got involved. Now, she will complete a 200 mile road trip by car to make all of her sets.

So, perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised that when I ask her what the real point is of 10,000 sleeping rough for a night to raise awareness of homelessness, her answer is abrupt.

“F*** off. What are you doing? Not much.”

“I don’t think that people need to experience the reality of homelessness and what it’s like on every level to be woken up to a problem,” she says.

On Saturday night, she will start her first gig in Aberdeen just after 3pm, and play Dundee, Glasgow and then Edinburgh.

She will provide some much-needed relief to the thousands who are doing a sponsored sleep out to raise money for homelessness charities.

Last year, the temperature hit -6C.

But Tunstall’s connection to the Sleep in the Park isn’t due to any of her own experience.

“My connection to it is just being a human being,” she says.

“And being a member of society, living in a city and having that experience.

“Watching how we all become desensitised to people who don’t have anywhere to live.

“I would like to see everyone in a civilised society being given an opportunity. Some of the things that happen to people that leads them to be on the street could easily happen to any of us at any time.

“It’s really easy to say: ‘loser, should get a job’. You don’t know what’s happened to that person or what has led them to that situation.”

Sleep in the Park has been supported by The Evening Times, with half of the proceeds of Times Past calendars going to Social Bite.

Six members of the paper’s events team will be in the park on Saturday night, having raised £500 each.

They’ll see KT Tunstall there, alongside Amy Macdonald and what organiser Josh Littlejohn told me was a “mega, A-list” secret act.

Tunstall grew up in St Andrews, where her adopted father was a physics lecturer, and although she now lives in Los Angeles and jets all over the world, she says “playing Scotland is really special”.

“It gets more special as I get older, and as I get more sentimental. It’s just lovely going back.

“I come back, and the fact is that I’m still up there in the wind and the rain on the ridge in 2018.”

Her new album, WAX, is inspired by the body.

It was produced with former Franz Ferdinand member Nick McCarthy.

“We’re both used to that old school recording set up, which is ‘make it sound good, and then record it’,” she says.

But aren’t the body and the spirit a bit obscure for a pop album theme?

“My music has always been quite emotional and real and honest,” she says.

“My debut album was very heart-on-sleeve and I think that people are probably less surprised to hear that material from me.”

“I’m on record number six - I’m very proud.”

Secret Christmas hit for KT and Lulu?

Most of us think of little else in the first week of December than present-buying and Christmas dinner prep.

But KT Tunstall has hinted that her Christmas present to Scotland might still be in production - in the recording studio.

The star let slip in an interview with The Evening Times that she will be spending Thursday with veteran Scottish singer Lulu.

Staying tight-lipped on the project, Tunstall said: “We’re burrowing away and doing something together which will be really fun.

“I don’t know if she’s announced anything yet so I won’t say anything, but it’s something that people will see before the year is out, let me put it like that.”

Could the two be putting together a last-minute Christmas duet?