THE mother of murder victim Owen Hassan has said life with never be the same again as she made an emotional plea one month after he was brutally killed by two men with blades outside the family pub.

AnnMarie Lynch, 54, described how the brutal murder has left three children under the age of 10 without a father in the run up to Christmas as she urged those who have information about the killers to come forward.

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The heartbroken mother performed CPR with help from 999 operators on her own son after he stumbled into her pub the Old Stag Inn following the brutal attack in Greenview Street, Pollokshaws on November 7 at around 10.20pm.

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AnnMarie, accompanied by Owen's heartbroken father Daniel Martin, 58, above, said: “It has now been four weeks since the death of Owen. Life will never be the same again for myself or the rest of the family.

“I still can’t believe he is gone and I expect him to walk through the door as he did everyday.”

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She added: "I hope that no other family has to endure the experience and suffering, and believe someone out there must have information which could help catch the two men who violently killed my son Owen.

"As a mother I beg anyone out there who has any information at all that could help catch these men to please contact the police immediately.

"It won't bring Owen back but at least I will know that they can't hurt another family the way that they have hurt mine."

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The two killers waited behind the pub to attack Owen minutes after he left. Detective Chief Inspector Martin Fergus described the attack, which involved the use of bladed weapons, as "sustained, vicious and planned". His team believe the killers watched Owen's movements before the attack and described the murder as 'a well-planned operation'.

His killers would have known that Owen helped his mother run the pub and regularly attended in the evening to help her close.

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DCI Fergus

They then ran from the scene after the attack and murder cops are trying to piece together where they went. Detective Chief Inspector Fergus said: "People sometimes form the impression that the information they have we already have in our possession.

"I would urge anyone who has information to come forward and we can make the judgement on that."