THEY say a football club is for life, and one young Celtic fan from Glasgow has certainly started early. 

Bradley Corrigan, who turned one-year-old on Tuesday, was filmed speaking his first word to his parents on Monday evening. 

After repeating the word "Celtic" to the baby, father Kyle Corrigan watches on with amazement as young Bradley appears to say the name of the football club back to him. 

A video of the moment was posted online, with Kyle looking to Twitter for confirmation that he had not heard wrongly. 

Posting, he said: "Need help with this one... I'm convinced my wee man's first word was 'Celtic'. Thoughts?"

The tweet generated lots of interest and has now been viewed more than 100,000 times on the social media site. 

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Other users have since replied to Kyle since the video was uploaded, confirming that Bradley's 'first word' was "Celtic". 

One said: "I thought I was bad bringing the supporters club membership form to the maternity with me to have it posted the day he was born ....its a yes from me."

Another called the post "tweet of the century".