GLASGOW residents have been warned of 'danger to life' as an amber weather warning is added for the city. 

On Friday morning, Met Office officials announced the second severe weather warning over the weekend. 

This amber threat has been put in place ahead of expected widespread ice which experts have warned could cause damage to properties and temporarily disrupt emergency services. 

The amber warning will be in place from 10am on Saturday until the early hours of Sunday morning. 

Alongside other issues, the Met Office said the accumulating ice could lead to injuries which pose a 'danger to life', as well as disrupting day-to-day routines. 

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Travel across the country will also be impacted, with rail and road services slowing significantly and warnings that drivers could find themselves stranded. 

Earlier this week, Scots were warned of potential travel disruption as a result of expected snow across the country on Saturday and into Sunday. 

However, the active weather system which will bring the cold snap is set to be accompanied by heavy, freezing rain which could result in the rapid formation of widespread ice on roads, pavements, trees and other structures. 

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This freezing rain, which is rare in Scotland, will likely change to snow before it dies out. 

Between 10 to 20 centimetres of snow could fall on Saturday, with forecasters warning some motorists could be left stranded due to travel delays as a result of the snow, while rail and cancellations or delays are also possible.

The yellow weather warning covering snow and ice in Scotland is due to last from 9am on Saturday until 9am the following day. 

For full updates on the weather warnings, visit the Met Office website