STEVEN Gerrard would not have expected to find any player at Rangers as good as he was – mores the pity.

The manager has not and will not judge anybody compared to what he could do at the height of his powers when he had few peers.

Alas, there aren’t any world class midfielders at Ibrox, players who run games and who any team in the world would be delighted to take.

But what he will be looking for is attitude. You don’t have to be one of the best players in football to give your all in training and in matches.

I read Gerrard’s book recently. He revealed he would treat every single training session, no matter what he had to do, like the biggest of games. Nothing was left out on the pitch. He felt that set him up for a Saturday.

The Liverpool captain held high standards and woe betide anyone coming into Liverpool who he felt was not giving their all. He would soon let them know his displeasure. You don’t hide, there are no shortcuts and it’s 100 per cent every day.

That is what he demands from his Rangers players. He’s obviously not getting it from all of them.

Gerrard was top of the league a few weeks ago and now is out of Europe and his team has dropped five points from his last two Premiership games with Hamilton, something of a bogey team, with the prospect of going four games without a win, when two games in a row constitutes a crisis at Rangers.

He’s ran out of patience with a few. They are not giving him what he expects.

We will soon find out of they have enough about them to realise the error of their ways and at least try to get back into the manager’s thoughts.

I will get to the Rapid Vienna game in a moment but going back to the draw at Dundee, I had no problem with the manager calling out his players in public after the match.

I bet he was ever harder on them behind closed doors.

They would do well to follow the example of their gaffer whose attitude was spot-on throughout his career because they are finding out that it’s not easy to be a Rangers player when results aren’t going your way. This is when we find out who can handle being at such a big club – especially on the park when things are going against you.

In saying that, I can’t be too hard on the exit from the Europa League.

Think where we were a year ago. A manager sacked, the league more or less gone and Europe had lasted two matches against a team from Luxembourg.

Rangers are two points behind Celtic and reached the last match of the group stage with a chance to make the last 32 and fell just short. That is progress.

Apparently it was a disaster. At least according to some on social media. Not only that, but the manager either has to go or buck up his ideas. That’s over the top, I would suggest.

The Spartak Moscow games did us. We should have won at Ibrox and went ahead three times over there and still managed to lose. Ifs, buts and maybes.

It wasn’t a great game in Vienna. Both teams gave away the ball – that pitch may have been a factor – and when Rangers pushed forward, there was always a chance Rapid would score.

Allan McGregor’s kick wasn’t great, but there was still 50 yards for Rapid to go and it should have been defended better.

We need a leader. I would like to see Steven Davis come back, plus another striker is a must.

I hate to look back, but in my day I had John Greig, Tam Forsyth and Sandy Jardine who would let any of us if we weren’t at it. Today’s Rangers team could do with a Greigy.

A problem is that there aren’t many John Greigs about, just like there are no spare Steven Gerrards.