A MAJORITY of people think vegan pupils should be bettered catered for in council-run schools and nurseries, an Evening Times poll suggests.

Of the 634 people who took part in our online survey, 70 per cent of readers said they would like to see children offered a wider choice of meals.

It comes after a dad appealed to Glasgow City Council to increase meal options open to his three-year-old daughter and other vegan children.

Andy Clark said it is unfair that meat-eating pupils, including those who require halal food, have up to 11 choices, while his daughter, Frida, 3, has four, at Eastwood nursery in a city that is said to have more vegans than any other in the UK.

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Linda Andrew, head of school catering, said it would not be practicable to provide vegan meals on a ‘like-for-like’ basis due to ‘availability, storage, procurement arrangements and support resources.’

The council said it provides around 35,000 meals, including 15 different types of ­medical diets for a total of 1227 pupils in schools and early years establishments as well as ‘ ethical and moral diets including vegan requests.’

A petition has been lodged at the Scottish Parliament calling for vegan food to be made available on all public-sector menus from schools and hospitals to ­prisons and councils.