One of Glasgow's latest food-tastic hotspots has shared an unusual multi-cultural dish on social media and let's just say it has divided the crowds. 

So L.A. recently opened on Mitchell Street after much anticipation and has seen people flocking to try the range of delicious dishes and cool cocktails. 

However, a recent creation, shared on the restaurant's Facebook page has left some food-lovers feeling a little uneasy. 

The combination of East-Asian and American cultures has produced Ramen Noodle Mac and Cheese with an American cheese sauce, black truffle and chives. 

Evening Times:

Gerry Haughian was outraged by the combination but also intrigued, writing: "That's sooooo wrong! What's worse is that I can't stop wishing I had a big bowl in front of me right now!"

While David Campbell added: "That will either be the most amazing thing ever or one of the worst. Either way I need to try it."

Liz Shearer, who has already tasted the unusual dish jumped to its defense, commenting: "I can vouch for its deliciousness."

Other interesting plates from the city centre venue include duck fat hash browns with sour cream and arenka caviar and fried turkey tacos with chestnut salsa macha, celeriac, blue cheese, coriander and lime.