A young Glasgow woman has appealed for witnesses after she was allegedly targeted by a man 'with a gun' when he ran in front of her car.

The incident took place at around 8.10pm on Thursday when the 21-year-old was driving along Kent Road, near the Mitchell Library on her way home.

The man then started hitting her car as she tried to drive away. When she had to stop at the traffic lights, the man allegedly then pulled out a gun.

Posting on Facebook, the victim said: "Driving home from work and some idiot runs out in front of my car and when challenged about it he ran back over to my car and started hitting it.

"So upon driving away I had to stop two seconds later at the lights at Mitchell library which he seen and jamp over the wall and onto the main road to try and get into the passenger side door.

"He realised it was locked and then ran round to the back of my car and pulled out a gun so at this point I ended up just driving through the lights."

The young woman said she reported the incident to Glasgow Police but without CCTV evidence she's urged witnesses to get in touch.

She said: "There were cars behind me at this point so if anyone was there and witnessed it could you please get in touch."

The Facebook warning to friends and family has been shared over 1,000 times since it was posted on Thursday night.

A police spokeswoman confirmed they are investigating the incident, but it is understood the gun is not forming part of their enquiry.

She said: "Police received reports around 8.30pm on Thursday, December 13 of a woman driving her car along Kent Road onto North Street in Glasgow when she was threatened by a man.

"Enquiries are ongoing."