A WOMAN has spoken of her horror after a Japanese Akita mauled her beloved dog – leaving the traumatised pet with blood pouring out of his neck and ear.

The Drumry resident, who asked not to be named, was out for a walk with Clyde, a mongrel “mixture with a wee bit of Labrador and Alsatian”, on Vanguard Street on Thursday, November 22 when the vicious attack took place.

The 47-year-old told the Post the Japanese Akita charged at Clyde from a property on the street after a gate was left open, before “going in for the kill” and clamping down on her dog’s neck, causing four puncture wounds, including one which was down to muscle, and severe bruising, reports the Clydebank Post.

Clyde, who has just turned nine, required an operation for his wounds, which his owner says have cost almost £700 in vet bills.

Evening Times:

She said: “I was screaming down the street to get someone to help me and I was on the ground clinging on to my dog’s lead because I knew if I let him go it would be worse for him and he’d be dead.

“The owner came out on to the street and grabbed the Akita’s face, punching it and telling it to f****** let go, but they couldn’t get him off.

“A lady heard my screaming and she said to two guys to get water and it was only once that happened and they poured water over it that it finally released.”

Unfortunately, however, it is not only physical wounds that have been left by the attack as Clyde, who is usually outside three times a day, is now terrified to go out.

She said: “He was like a wee puppy, bouncing about before. He would bark at the postman at the window but he was generally a fine dog.

“But now he’s quiet and terrified to go out and when he hears any noise he’s shaking.

“I’m never sure if the gates will be open or the dog will be out, so I’m terrified to walk down that end of the street.

“I am a confident person, I work every day and have a good social life, but my nerves are shot to pieces.

“I’m taking medication to sleep because I’m having nightmares and I’ve had to go to work and get a sick line because I’m terrified to take him out.”

She added: “This street has lots of children in it and it could be a child next.

“I am concerned for small dogs and kids with teddies which the Japanese Akita might think is a dog.

“Children have been saying the gates are open all the time and we are terrified because the owner has no control over it.”

Clyde’s owner said she phoned police on the night of the incident, but they had never been to see to her and had only spoken to the owner of the Japanese Akita.

Clydebank police office told the Post they had no record of the incident being reported.

West Dunbartonshire Council did, however, confirm that their Dog Warden Service had issued a dog-control notice to the owner of the Japanese Akita.

A spokeswoman for the council said: “Following a report of an incident, the council’s dog warden issued a Dog Control Notice to the owner of the Japanese Akita.

“Any breach of these conditions is an offence which could result in a report to the Procurator Fiscal.”

There have been several attacks by Japanese Akita’s on other dogs within West Dunbartonshire in recent times.

Last month an owner of the breed was jailed for three and a half months after his dog mauled and injured two family pets and a member of the public in Bonhill.

Police also launched an appeal for witnesses in October 2017 after a Japanese Akita jumped on seven-year-old Golden Labrador Poppy, who was enjoying a walk in Old Kilpatrick, before savagely ripping at her neck.