A woman who used to treat herself to three takeaways a week says she ‘has got her life back’ after losing more than five stone.

Jacqueline Rowe, 43, decided to do something about her weight after she saw a picture of herself standing in front of a Christmas tree and was shocked by her size.

After joining WW, formerly Weight Watchers, Jacqueline has gone from being 16st 7lbs, to 10st 13lbs. 

She was able to enjoy her wedding day on a beach in Mexico feeling like a ‘better version of herself’ and said she can now have the life she wants.

The Renfrew woman said: “My journey started for me when I asked my boyfriend to take a picture of me in my new onesie in front of the Christmas tree. When I saw the picture I just couldn’t believe that was me.

“I was in a loving relationship with my boyfriend, now husband, and we both just loved our food. We went out for lots of romantic meals and treated ourselves to takeaways about three times a week.

“A few months later I joined WW. Walking into my first meeting I felt nervous and excited at the same time. I started with mini goals of 7lbs at a time. 

“I went from takeaways to cooking most of the meals from scratch. 

“During my journey my boyfriend proposed and we got married on a beach in Mexico. I had my dream wedding and my dream dress. I was just under five stone lighter when I got married and I felt like a better version of me. I still wanted to reach that final goal weight though.

“I never thought I would see 10st 13lbs on the scales.”

Jacqueline said WW had allowed her a lot of flexibility as she was able to count everything she ate in points, so she could eat anything she wanted so long as she didn’t go over a certain number.

She has now started her second journey with the aim of maintaining her weight.

Jacqueline added: “My weight loss has given me my life back. I am finally living the life I want. I am not hiding away.