THE parents of a severely disabled schoolgirl have launched a campaign to help her lead a more independent life.

Holly Watt, 10, suffers from a string of serious medical conditions and needs constant care.

Now that she is getting older she needs a specially adapted bath to accommodate her complex needs.

Holly, of Greenock's Gilmour Street, has dystonia, a neurological movement disorder syndrome, which causes causing painful muscle contractions, and scoliosis.

As reported by the Greenock Telegraph, her mum Margaret Mooney said: "She's getting bigger now and is constantly needing new equipment.

"We need an adjustable bath, with bigger width and length.

"The one we've seen has a changing table and a cushion that moulds into her shape, and a sink.

"At the moment I have to bath Holly as if she was still a baby."

Margaret is unable to get help through the authorities because they only provide showers, but this is not suitable for Holly's needs.

Margaret said: "She needs a lot of support because of her dystonia and would need a special harness.

"Her head wouldn't be comfortable and I wouldn't like to use anything where she had to be tied down.

"She doesn't cope under showers because her arms and legs keep moving."

Margaret says she sought help from MSP Stuart McMillan who said he would support her application to charities for funding.

She said: "I feel that I'm hitting my head against a brick wall.

"Sometimes I just get so tired trying to explain to people all the time and fight for what she needs.

"There are other families in the same position, trying to live as normal a life as possible.

"I've got to keep pushing, I'm all she's got.

"I have got to be strong for her her, she gets me through it."

Holly also faces the possibility of a major spinal fusion operation next year.

Her mum said: "Her breathing is being affected and there is pressure on her lungs because of the scoliosis.

"She also has problems with her hip and she is receiving botox injections there and in her hamstrings to relax the muscles and reduce the pain.

"I think the most important thing is to get Holly the right equipment."

Margaret says the cost of adapting the bathroom and installing the bath could hit around £20,000, and she is working with the charity Just4Children.

They deal with all the suppliers of the equipment and pay them from the funds raised.

Holly is prescribed a cocktail of medication including strong painkillers to ease the painful muscle spasms she sufferes, and has input from occupational therapy.

Margaret paid tribute to her brave daughter for the way she copes with her challenging disability.

She said: "Holly's body doesn't give her a minute.

"She deserves so much, she's wee warrior - she just smiles through it all.

"She is getting older and bigger and I am struggling to get her in and out of the bath and if I don't get the right help for her I feel it might make her condition worse.

"I'm scared to hold her sometimes in case I hurt her because of her dystonia."

Holly loves her school, Craigmarloch, where she uses a hi-tech eye gaze device to communicate.

Margaret would like to thank everyone in the community, family and friends for their support throughout the years and The Lighthouse Spiritual Church, who have arranged a fundraiser in the Yac Hall in George Road tonight (THURS) with mediums Barry Hogg and Mags Tierney.