A WAR hero’s bid to build a house on a farm in Neilston has been kicked out by planning chiefs.

Gordon Pollock had hoped to set up home at Mossneuk Farm, which is owned by his parents Archie and Myra.

He wanted to work on the farm after being forced to retire from the Army eight years ago after he was shot in Afghanistan, reports Barrhead News.

Mr Pollock had more recently worked as a bodyguard in Iraq, but returned to the UK to help his parents on their farm in August last year.

In a planning statement, Derek Scott, the agent acting on behalf of Mr Pollock, said: “Gordon Pollock maintained a keen interest in, and continued working on, the farm when on leave from the Army, with the intention one day of returning on a full-time basis.”

Mr Pollock’s parents had previously applied to build a new house on the site in August last year, but that bid was rejected as planners felt it would be an “incongruous feature” on the greenbelt site.

Neighbours objected to the plan on the basis building work could interfere and pose a risk to children who use the nearby Barrhead Riding Club’s livery yard.

Council officers had recommended the application be approved, with a condition that the occupancy of the house be restricted to agricultural workers.

And they had moved to reassure planning committee members that, if conditions weren’t complied with, it would leave the new property open to being demolished.

But Councillor and farm-owner Stewart Miller, who sits on the planning committee, said:

“This application is just rubbish and I’m not happy. In fact, I’m really angry that this should even be considered.

“I don’t believe this is the right place and I don’t believe they need another agricultural worker.”

The application was refused by three votes to two, but the owners are expected to appeal the decision.

Mr Scott told the News: “Gordon has come back to be part of the family enterprise, but doesn’t have a house to live in. His father is getting elderly and has recovered from cancer on a couple of occasions, so he could do with the assistance, but unfortunately three councillors, in their wisdom, didn’t think the house was needed.

“I was surprised, given the military background and quite compelling circumstances, that these three elected members had no sympathy.

“When we receive the decision notice we’ll be able to see exactly what the reasons for refusal were and we’ll reestablish our position after that.”