Glasgow City Council will write to the Scottish Government to ask for money to pay for emergency housing for asylum seekers and migrants in the city.

A council motion was passed on Thursday to ask the government for money to help asylum seekers and migrants left out in the cold, the National reports.

The supplier of Glasgow's emergency housing for asylum seekers and migrants is Serco, a government contractor.

This summer, it announced it would evict more than 300 asylum seekers in Glasgow, prompting public outcry.

Serco claims the UK Home Office issued it with a contract which does not require it to house the migrants.

It is hoped that the Scottish Government will provide funds for emergency housing.

Last week, Susan Aitken, the leader of the City Council, called on the Home Office to grant an amnesty on asylum seekers who wait more than three years for a decision on whether they can stay in the UK.

The proposal for emergency housing on Thursday, brought by councillor Kim Long, was overwhelmingly backed by the City Council. 

Councillor Long told the Sunday National: “No one should be made homeless and destitute. That’s why Greens want Glasgow to lead the way in providing emergency housing for asylum seekers faced with heartless Home Office evictions.”