WALKING in the Air singer Aled Jones has revealed he became aware of Irn-Bru's Snowman advert through his former co-star Lorraine Kelly.

The once boy soprano shared the Daybreak sofa with the Scottish TV presenter several years ago - and Aled revealed she showed him the advert which is based on the hit seasonal favourite.

"I spent two years on Daybreak and Lorraine Kelly played it to me one day.

"I love the Irn Bru advert, it is brilliant,"explained the Welshman, who was joined by his new co-star Russell Watson.

"I said to Aled, 'how many people do you think are going to mention the Snowman? I said all of them and he said I don’t know about that,"Russell joined in with a sense of I told you so when referring to the interviews they have done so far.

The pair are due to embark on a UK tour with their debut album together In Harmony which features classics including Volare, You Raise Me Up and Ave Maria, and the project is one which came about by chance.

"Classic FM were celebrating their 25th birthday last year and the biggest selling male artist in their whole 25 year history was Russ. So I sent him a text saying well done, you...

"I am not jealous really," Aled laughed.

Russell added: "I wrote back and said, 'Cheers pal', and then said we should do something together at some point.

"He wrote your ears must be burning because I was talking to somebody I know about exactly the same thing the other day. I wrote back and said alright lets do it. It was literally as straight as that."

With their similar sense of humour and love of music, it is easy to understand why this album happened.

The pair are hilarious as they banter off each other on the phone, and yet there is a mutual respect for the talent that each singer brings to the table.

Aled said: "We have a laugh in everything we do, especially in our music. We love singing.

"Equally we enjoy time in each other’s company loads.

"The great thing about Russ is there are no airs and graces, he is down to earth. I hope I am down to earth as well.

"We try and make the most out of everything. I am really looking forward to September and October because it also keeps this album that we are both really proud of so much alive."

He added: "The maddest thing about this is that we had never really sung together before and here we were signing a record contract to sing together.

"There was no guarantees that the blends, the harmonies and everything would work. It has worked better than either of us could ever have dreamed.

"The minute the producer Ian Tilley put our voices together, it just worked fantastically."

With the album done and dusted, he boys are focusing on their tour which will come to Glasgow Royal Concert Hall on Tuesday, October 8.

"I like performing in Scotland and I love Glasgow,"Aled beamed.

He added: "That hall's fantastic as well. I performed there many many times over the years. The Scottish audience are very much like the Welsh, they wear their hearts on their sleeve.

"They let you know instantly if they love something and that really comes to you if you are on stage."

He continued: "There will be loads of chat and music during the show. Russell is going to be doing a lot of dancing too."

As the pair giggled away at the thought of dancing along to the powerful classics they are expected to perform, Russell cleared things up by saying, "Honestly they asked me if I wanted to do Strictly a couple of years ago and I said look I wouldn’t want to embarrass everyone on the programme. I said no sorry.

"There is professional and then there is me."

It is lucky, however. the pair have their amazing voices to carry them through in showbiz, which is something they are both grateful for.

Aled said: "We are both lucky in that we both have strong resilient voices. I'm touching wood now because I get paranoid."

Russell added: "I have always said that the easiest thing in the world in essence is to be a success. But the toughest thing, particularly in the music industry, is sustaining that success and keeping it.

"You can only do that if you have drive and commitment to what you doing.

"Also really thoroughly enjoying what you are doing.

"It just so happens that I love what I do and couldn’t see myself doing anything else.

"I don’t need any more motivation than the fact I love what I do."

Catch Aled Jones and Russell Watson at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall on Tuesday, October 8.