SINCE first hitting Glasgow back in 2016, Bongo's Bingo has become a regular fixture on the social calendar having racked up more than a dozen events in this year alone.

Bringing hundred of party-ready gamblers together under one roof, the event has gained a reputation as one of the best and biggest club nights going.

Participants are lined up on school dining room-style tables, armed with a felt-tip pens, a bingo book and as many drinks as they can carry before being catapulted into a night of madness.

Creator, known now as Johnny Bongo, began what would become the worldwide phenomenon in Liverpool.

For the first show, tickets were priced at just £2 and queues stretched around the block.

The party man brought his vision of a bingo rave to life, complete with wacky prizes, dance-offs and cross-dressing performers.

Special appearances over the years have included the likes of Jeremy Corbyn, Kelis and Boyzlife here in Glasgow.

Now happening in multiple continents, run by a team of around 50 people, Bongo's Bingo has gone global.

Here in Glasgow, there will be five events within the next month to accommodate hundreds of eager players while in Edinburgh, it had a sold-out run over five consecutive nights.

Hosting the games will be Rich Furness, recruited by the team in 2017.

“Johnny and Josh came together with the idea of combining bingo with a rave”, he explains.

“Johnny Bongo held one in Liverpool. It was £2 on the door and it was queued round the block on the first night.

“Because he was nervous to go on stage so he dragged on one of our friends on wearing a dress.

“By the first two months, it was queued out so we thought why don't we take it to Manchester - it kicked off - and then we went to Leeds which was the same and it kept on spreading.

“We got to Glasgow in 2016 and we’ve been in Scotland ever since. We’re looking at more places at the moment. I love Scotland and they're my favourite shows - the audience are always up for a party.”

Much like a standard game of bingo, it’s open to all and, according to the hosts, that’s what makes it so popular.

Rich adds: “People come with their mums and nans, we had a 91st birthday, you’ve got grannies next to Goths, every orientation. As long as everyone's there to have a good time.

“It’s a variation of music we play, there's no set music. You might be listening to Cher then drum and bass then 60s tunes then 90s. It constantly changes.

“Even if you don't like one show you know there's another one coming along. As soon as it’s showtime, people are right up for it.”

To keep up with its ever growing popularity, the Bongo's Bingo team has doubled in size based all over the country.

“When I first started in May 2017 we had 18 members of staff, but due to the expansion we’ve got close to 50 all around the world - technicians, set designers, people who don't really get the credit as much as the people on stage do. It’s a massive team operation.

“As we’ve gotten bigger, it’s been even more fun because we know what songs people love to dance to. I love the banter, I can't think of a better job. I love that my job is to make people happy and have a good night out.”

Aside from the dancers, the most notable difference in Bongo's Bingo to normal bingo, is the prizes.

While cash is always up for grabs, the organisers like to throw in some more interesting choices.

From cardboard cut-outs of celebrities, Henry Hoovers, a mobility scooter to a box of Coco Pops - there’s really no guessing what could come out next.

“We all come up with the prize ideas, some of them are too crazy to actually come to fruition.

“The most iconic prizes would be a giant unicorn head or the mobility scooter. We’ve given away a holiday to Ibiza and a Porsche on special occasions.”

“We had Kelis on for our third birthday which was the biggest act we’ve booked. We’ve had Jeremy Corbyn on stage calling numbers - there’s so many things happening all the time.

“Aside from the UK, we’ve toured Australia and Dubai.

“We’ve completed a season in Ibiza with So Solid Crew, we’re in France with a French speaking host, we had a have a series of boat parties in Amsterdam with 500 on the boat.”

Before the year is out, the Bongo's Bingo team will be coming two Glasgow for three festive bonanzas.

You can catch one of Glasgow's most popular night's out on December 14, 15 and 21.