PLAYING for Scotland in the Star Sixes tournament at the SEC Hydro over the weekend was a wonderful experience.

It was great to play in front of such a big crowd. The atmosphere was fantastic. We got so well treated by the organisers as well. The set-up was amazing.

I thought we played pretty well too - apart from in one game against Northern Ireland on the opening day.

That - and the late goal that England scored against the Republic of Ireland on Sunday - ended up costing us a place in the final against the Rest of the World.

But it was still good to take part. The win over England, the eventual winners, was particularly sweet.

I hope the spectators who went along all enjoyed the experience as much as we did.

The only negative was my gaffe in a post-match interview on Saturday.

I thought it was a just a chat about the game that we had just played in. But it turned out to be a football knowledge quiz.

The first thing I was asked was: ‘Which Glasgow club was founded first? Celtic or Rangers?’

I wasn’t thinking and said: ‘Celtic’. I immediately thought: ‘What have I just done?!’

I have taken a fair bit of stick for that. But it has all been in good jest.