LET me say first and foremost, that it is absolutely awful that John Beaton’s personal life has been affected by threats that have been made to him. It’s a disgrace.

But I have to say that the SFA now need to take action over the tribunal process, because the whole thing seems utterly ridiculous.

How anyone could have viewed the footage of Alfredo Morelos kicking Scott Brown’s nether regions off the ball, or his blatant stamp on Anthony Ralston when a blind man could see he could easily have avoided doing so, is beyond me.

How can the referee be expected to be his own judge, jury and executioner? Officials make mistakes, they are only human, but to compound that by saying these decisions can’t be revisited because the referee is happy with his calls on the day is illogical.

That rule has got to change. In my view, John has made some terrible errors in that game. He has now said that he saw all of those incidents, and decided not to do anything.

I’m just baffled by it, just like I was when Allan McGregor kicked out at Kristoffer Ajer’s in the first Old Firm game of the season

It should be taken out of the referee’s hands, and an objective call should be made by looking at the footage in the cold light of day.

For John to say that he saw these incidents and decided not to do anything about it, I just can’t get my head around that.