CELTIC legend Bertie Auld will be sharing his memories of the Lisbon Lions at a special event which aims to launch new reminiscence groups for men battling dementia or loneliness.

The event has been organised by The Sporting Memories Foundation, which runs 32 volunteer-led groups across the Central Belt but currently has none in Glasgow.

The open day on January 17 will be garnering support for the possible launch of weekly clubs in the north of the city. The charity, which also runs exercise sessions for older people, is also looking for volunteers to lead the groups.

Bertie Auld will be joined by former Partick Thistle player Jim Herriot at the base of NG Homes on Saracen Street.

Donna Mackey, programme manager, said: “We are hoping to set up a minimum of one of our weekly groups in the area. So it’s really for people to drop in, meet the team and find out more about sporting memories and volunteering opportunities or coming along from a participant point of view.

Family members might know someone who could benefit.

“Most of our groups are in north and south Lanarkshire but we are looking to set up in Glasgow because we have a new member of staff coming on board who is going to tlook after Glasgow.

“We are really excited about the open day first and foremost and finding out what the level of interest is.

“NG Homes have got a really good community network so we are tapping in that.”

Weekly groups have been up and running in north and south Lanarkshire for the past two years. Research has shown participants suffering from dementia experienced improvements in verbal communication and sociability after attending gatherings.

Donna said: “There’s a lot of friendships being formed and good testimonials from carers and family members telling us how much of an impact they have had on thei rlives to have that time every week to come along and reminisce about sport.

“It’s a very impactful activity. We are going strong and we are now looking to extend that by about 10.”

The event is taking place from 10am to 2pm on January 17. For more information, go to www.thesmf.co.uk.