Police are investigating videos showing a 'pick-up' artist targeting unsuspecting women in Glasgow.

The move comes after dozens of videos by Addy A-Game, real name Adnan Ahmed, from Uddingston, were shared on social media.

A controversial site set up by the former rapper claims to help people "master your masculine qualities", offering 1-to-1 coaching on how to "interact with hot girls".

It reads: "Learn how to approach, talk, text, date and have sex with beautiful women. Be the chooser, not the chosen."

Glasgow businesses have vowed to inform security to stay alert for sightings of Ahmed, who gets his 'team' to film his interactions with young women before subsequently posting them online.

Videos include women being approached in Buchanan Galleries, St Enoch Centre and Central Station.

The so-called 'pick-up artist' also approaches unsuspecting women on the city's streets, at bus stops and even films them inside private properties.

Police Scotland have issued a statement regarding the videos describing the Uddingston man's behaviour as 'predatory'.

They added: "We are aware of the videos posted online, offering advice and guidance on how to 'pick up' the opposite sex, particularly young women. This type of predatory behaviour is shameful and unacceptable and will undoubtedly cause significant fear and alarm. No-one should be subjected to this.

"We are investigating but our enquiries are at a very early stage.

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"We would ask anyone with information regarding such individuals to contact us on 101. In an emergency always call 999."

Writing to the St Enoch Centre, she said: "Are you aware this group of men are using your shopping centre to make unsolicited approaches to women whilst filming them without their permission?

"Could you make management / security aware?"

The mall has given assurances that their security team will be alerted to the group.

A spokeswoman said: "We’ll ensure security and the wider Centre team are briefed on this matter."

Kokomo nightclub have also reportedly been in touch with the councillor to say the men are banned indefinitely from both their venues.

Councillor Spear added: "They are also sharing this information with the club manager network throughout Glasgow. They hold firm that this behaviour will not be tolerated."

Buchanan Galleries said: "We have passed this to our security team and will make all other members of staff aware."

Read more: Outrage as 'pick-up artist' A-Game is exposed filming unsuspecting women in Glasgow

Sandra White, MSP for Glasgow Kelvin, added: "It is extremely concerning to see this happening in Glasgow, especially at a time of greater awareness of sexual harassment and consent.

"Harassment of any kind is unacceptable, and I am pleased to see that organisations in Glasgow are taking the appropriate action to make staff aware and stop this kind of unwelcome behaviour.

"Consent must never be taken for granted, and both men and women must continue working together to call out and condemn the harmful conduct discovered today."