A CARE WORKER at a residential unit for children has been disciplined after he said a young person ‘needed decked to show who was in control.’

Shaun Conroy has been issued with a formal warning by the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) following the incident at a Glasgow unit.

He also delayed calling the police to report a young person who was suspected of supplying cannabis as required, ‘placing other children at risk of harm.’

The care service was not named in the report to protect the identity of the young people involved.

The SSSC said that while there was evidence of a “toxic environment” amongst staff at the unit, Mr Conroy had failed in his duty of care to the young people and the care worker had not shown any insight into the seriousness of his actions.

Mr Conroy, who is employed by Glasgow City Council, was issued with a six-month warning on his registration and will also have certain conditions imposed.

The SSSC said: “The failure to follow the reasonable instructions of a Manager in relation to the care and development of children was serious. It related to the safety and welfare of very vulnerable children.”