IT has long been a niche choice but veganism is seeing a surge in popularity.

And now a new Glasgow food company is set to make animal-free eating even easier.

DARING Foods, based in the city centre, has launched its range of Moo-Free Burgers, Cluck-Free Fried Burgers and Fishy-Free Fingers.

From tomorrow they will be available in 35 eateries across the city including top burger joints such as BRGR and Buck’s Bar.

Ross Mackay, director and co-founder of DARING foods, said:“Our meat alternatives taste better than the real thing.

"Society’s shift to a more plant-based diet is inevitable.

"People want to eat less meat, but there’s a real lack of options.

"We’re giving people those options by creating delicious, nutritious and sustainable foods directly from plants.

"Glasgow is one of the most vegan-friendly cities in the UK, so it seems like the perfect place to launch the range.

"In terms of taste, none of the current alternatives come close to meat.

"Now, going meatless shouldn’t just be for Veganuary.

"We can help contribute to a more sustainable future and make steps towards removing animals from our food system entirely."

Ross and Elliot have plans to roll their product out to more than 1000 restaurants across the UK by the end of the year.

The ambitious start-up has also signed a major distribution deal with Lomond Foods and is in talks with several supermarkets to stock the brand.

DARING foods uses a formula that differs from Quorn and seitan alternatives, which Ross said was developed over 12 months of intense testing.

Emily McDaid, head chef at BRGR, said: “DARING Foods products are definitely just as good as the real thing.

"More and more of our customers are requesting vegan alternatives, and the new menu means everyone can be included in the BRGR experience."

Glasgow has been named by animal rights group PETA as one of the UK's “most vegan-friendly cities thanks to its wide range of vegan eateries.

Kathi Kamleitner of the Glasgow Vegan Guide said: “For people who are curious or sceptical alike, Glasgow offers plenty of opportunities to be vegan-curious and try dishes without having to commit to a fully vegan lifestyle from the get-go.”

Tom’s Review

At first sight, this burger looked a lot more “real” than I was expecting, the colours and texture were convincing.

From the first bite, the flavour was apparent.

Comparing it to other plant-based alternatives on the market, this has the deepest flavour.

That’s not to say this burger should be standalone, the addition of toppings such as salad and vegan cheese was required to make this a rounded meal.

The consistency was debated in the office.

Meat-free options often fall apart or require a strong jaw.

DARING foods managed to hit a reasonable balance on this front, but perhaps for the most avid meat eater, this would remind them that they are trying something new.

I can see the burger being liable to drying out if heated or left on a plate for too long, however, experiencing it freshly cooked, it wasn’t too dry.

The overall verdict is favourable, having tried other vegan burger launches I can say that this is one of the best looking and tasting.

For the struggling vegans, this may well be an alternative to cheating, and for the open-minded carnivores looking for a more ethical and environmentally friendly option, this may be Glasgow’s tastiest option.