BUS STOP vandals have been condemned after images showing a toddler's hand slashed by broken glass.

Furious mum Pamela Kennedy took to Facebook to make people aware of the danger posed by mindless vandalism.

The incident follows a spate of glass being smashed by young thugs across the South Side.

The Evening Times first told in November last year how six bus shelters along a route through Muirend and up to Clarkston had been smashed.

It was the first in a lengthy series of vandalism, centred in Battlefield, that has now seen bus stops on Thornliebank Road badly damaged.

Ms Kennedy was en route to the GP with her three-year-old son when he cut his hand on smashed glass.

She posted two pictures of the damage done as a warning to thoughtless thugs.

She said: "I hope who is responsible for smashing up bus stops on Thornliebank Road at Eastwood Estate are proud of themself.

"Obviously don’t think about consequences.

"I wonder how they would feel/react if it was their own flesh and blood three-year-old child that cut their hand to shreds.

"Hope you think twice next time."

South Side residents had become so infuriated by the lengthy spate of vandalism around Battlefield that there were calls for citizens' patrols to take to the streets.

Frustration at a perceived lack of police action was also widespread in the area.

Our first story told how six bus shelters had been vandalised in a wrecking spree from Battlefield to Muirend and up to Clarkston.

A row of independently owned shops was later targeted, causing thousands of pounds of damage to be paid by the small businesses.

Further bus shelters were then vandalised, more shop fronts damaged, close doors, windows, cars and the local college all targeted.

The spree is believed to be the work of one gang of teenagers.

It is not known if the latest smashed bus shelters are connected but a spokesman for Glasgow City Council said enough is enough.

He said: “This is the clearest possible example anyone could have of the harm caused by vandalism.

“Destroying bus shelters is dismal and pathetic, drags down communities and costs substantial sums in repairs.

“But the fact that a young child has been injured should finally knock some sense into those responsible and show them that vandalism has nothing but negative consequences.

“We hope the wee boy is okay and recovers quickly from his ordeal.

“If anyone has any information about those responsible they should contact the police.”

One local resident had shared an image of his work van that had both its windscreen and side windows smashed, meaning it could not be used to transport kids on a Christmas Day out as intended.

The Clockwork Beer company on Cathcart Road was hit as well as a bus stop in Crossmyloof.

The shop front of the Millbrae Hill Cafe was smashed in by young thugs with golf clubs in what local people named The Battle for Battlefield.

In each case, residents reported seeing a group of young teenagers using various weapons such as golf clubs.