A DAD was rushed to hospital after a bus smashed into his car and dragged it into a nearby house.

Stuart Pearce was picking up his son Nathan from the 11-year-old's mum's house on Carnbroe Road around 3pm when he was involved in the horror smash.

A school bus, which emerged from a bus terminus on the street after dropping pupils off, hit the back of the 34-year-old's Mazda, dragging him into two bungalows.

Nathan's mum, who asked not to be named, said: "We heard a bang and ran out and saw Stuart's car had hit the house.

"Nathan grabbed a knife to give to his dad so Stuart could cut his seatbelt and crawl out the car.

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"His head was bleeding but we think he'll be alright. He was taken to hospital."

Stuart's dad said it was a "miracle" the crash occurred when it did, as it was the only night his youngest grandson wasn't in the back of the car.

He explained: "Normally when he picks Nathan up, Stuart has his six month old with him, Harry.

"His car seat is exactly where the bus hit so he'd be dead, Nathan would be dead too.

"My wife and daughter were at opposite ends of the street trying to get through but police wouldn't let them.

"All we were thinking was 'was Nathan in the car? Where is Nathan? Is Stuart okay?'"

The family say Stuart remains in hospital but is stable.

It's not yet known what caused the crash.

It's understood the house which received the most damage was empty.