A recently opened American diner has been plagued with bad reviews, less than a month after it opened its doors.

Denny's Diner opened in Braehead, Renfrew, in December, at the former Toby Carvery site.

Renowned for its breakfasts and brunches, the launch was much anticipated by fans of the US chain that has over 1,593 branches.

UPDATE: Denny’s bosses hit back at ‘unforgiving’ customers after being bombarded with ‘terrible’ reviews

However, in the weeks since the long-awaited opening, it has not gone down well with customers.

Dozens of unhappy diners have taken to Trip Advisor to share their experience of the Glasgow branch.

Of the 80 reviews posted so far, over 70 per cent of them have been ‘poor’, 'terrible’ or 'average'.

A total of nearly fifty 'terrible' reviews have been posted with people describing it as "utterly disappointing” and “unbelievably poor".

One user wrote that the service was so bad that they expected the restaurant to be shutdown.

Careen186534 posted: “This was probably as far away as you could possibly get from USA experience.

“I will be surprised if this place lasts 6 months, in fact would be astounded if it lasts till the end of the month.

“Of the 5 in our party – none of us will be back. I have given a one rating only because you cannot give zero rating.”

JamJam1234, who only signed up to Trip Advisor to write the review for Denny’s because their experience was so bad, said: “If you are dying to try this place just don’t OK, please avoid because you will no doubt have to wait up to an hour for a table to be served really bad food which you are most probably thinking will be great well it wont be.”

There have been some redeeming reviews, however, which are mostly complimentary of the food.

Another user posted: "Couldn’t fault the food or service. Girl at reception desk did an amazing job keeping it all together and remaining pleasant despite being under a lot of pressure. Servers were also pleasant despite being rushed off feet."

One extremely satisfied customer added: "Absolutely speechless, Ceri was the manager on duty and I explained how me and my friend were amazed and were speechless over the quality of food and the service was amazing....and the food..Defo will be back. USA DREAM HAS CAME TRUE...Bring more over."

Fingers crossed things improve for the restaurant as the year goes on.

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