PLANS to scrap free Sunday street parking in the city centre have been revealed.

Glasgow City Council wants to introduce parking charges seven days a week in city centre bays which are currently free on a Sunday.

Drivers can also park for free on most single yellow lines on a Sunday but the council says free parking is having a damaging effect.

It is noted that free parking leads to lack of availability as drivers park for free for longer.

Motorists driving around looking for an available space is leading to concerns about increased pollution in an area which already has hotspots of poor air quality.

And congestion is causing problems for deliveries and good vehicles unloading.

People are also thought to be more likely to try and find a free space on the streets than pay a reduced Sunday rate in city centre car parks.

To combat the problems the council is proposing charging on a Sunday the same as Monday to Saturday with a £1 per 15 minutes or £4 an hour with a maximum stay of two hours.

The plan is to introduce restrictions to encourage drivers to move on and ensure there is a sufficient supply of short term parking spaces in the city centre for shoppers, tourists and businesses.

A spokesman for Glasgow City Council said: “The current situation leads to a number of problems such as congestion, frustration for motorists struggling to find somewhere to park, difficulties with loading and unloading vehicles, all underlined by unacceptable levels of pollution.

“The proposals are about ensuring the best and most even use of the limited space for street parking in the city centre.

“But they are also about encouraging better use of under-utilised car parks and encouraging a shift to more sustainable forms of transport.

“The recent Connectivity Commission report highlighted the need for radical change in the city’s transport system. These proposals will add to the effort to reform the city centre’s transport system.”

He said the plans were at an early stage and would be subject to consultation.

There are also plans to extend the size of taxi ranks at six key locations to allow taxis to pick up on the demand for transport.

The pricing of council run car parks in the city centre is not expected to be affected. It costs between £3 and £3.50 a day to park on a Sunday.