In Curb Your Enthusiasm, Larry David is over the moon to be ‘on the board’ - to have a sandwich named after him at his favourite deli, Leo’s.

Now, the Evening Time’s’ own Bev Lyons has matched that feat, after debuting her own signature pancake for Glasgow’s Stack and Stall.

Bev’s signature dish is part of a new campaign by the restaurant to encourage people to eat healthily, something people rarely associate with pancakes.

Unlike Larry, who isn’t much of a fish guy, Bev plumped for smoked salmon, a well loved brunch classic.

The Bev Lyons' signature pancake is a base of buckwheat pancakes, stacked with fresh avocado, smoked salmon, sour cream, and a touch of fresh lemon juice and black pepper.

Bev Lyons sat down with me to talk about the landmark moment in her life:

“It’s that whole thing of celebrities getting food named after them. I feel I’ve finally made it in my home city, I’ve got a pancake named after me.

“I think this could be the pinnacle of my career, I can put it on my CV. Having a pancake named after you is very special.

“I’m happy with my final decision, but it was very difficult because I worked on three creations in their ‘pancake lab’ which took me hours to decide on.

“I have a very sweet tooth - chocolate is my downfall. My guilty pleasure is Nutella with banana and sprinkled nuts, if you want to be piggy.

“But since we’re being healthy - I went for an old favourite. It’s classic and it’s classy, a bit like myself.

“You have to be careful how you’re portrayed, and now was a public figure with my own pancake, I wanted people to look at me and think ‘that girl has a bit of panache’.

“This is the creme de la creme, with a little bit of sour cream. Everyone loves avocado, it might be a bit last year but I’m bringing it back into 2k19, with a twist, a twist of lemon. 

“They have Prosecco on tap here, so I can really see the ladies who lunch, and the men, who also lunch, going for it.

“Not that I’m competitive, but I am. I’m quietly confident mine will sell the best. Currently I’m the front runner.”

Other Glasgow influencers who will be getting their own signature dish will be familiar to those on the Glasgow fitness scene, such as Amy Hill who runs ‘Body by Amy.’

Ben Howell, Director of Marketing and Communications for Stack and Still, said: “The key idea is to deconstruct the notion that pancakes are an inherently unhealthy treat meal.

“We’ve always been about choice and now that it’s getting into January and February, and people are starting to think about eating healthier.

“When we decided to do the signature dishes we needed something to guide folk who might be overwhelmed by the options.

“The pancake lab that we built for Bev was so that she can mix and match and try and few things out - so that each signature dish has a good amount of personality behind it.”

Whether Bev will outsell her competitors is yet to be seen. But one thing’s for sure - there’ll be no way she will be asking to swap her signature dish for anyone else's.