PIERS Morgan clashed angrily with Green MSP Ross Greer on Good Morning Britain in a row over Winston Churchhill.

The argument was sparked on social media when Greer described Sir Winston Churchill a “white supremacist mass murderer”, reacting to a Tory party tweet marking 54 years since the former prime minister's death.

The post described Churchill as a man regarded by many as the "greatest Briton to have ever lived".

Describing Greer as a “nasty, sneering, derogatory man” in a heated debate, Morgan snapped: “You are saying the man who saved us from the Nazis is no better than a Nazi himself”.

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Defending his post on ITV’s Good Morning Britain today Greer said: “Churchill was a man who declared, in his view, the Aryan race would triumph, he described Indians as a beastly people with a beastly religion - and when a mass famine broke out in India, for which he was significantly to blame, the Bengal famine, he said it was their own fault because they bred like rabbits."

Morgan responded: “What you’ve failed to do is offer any perspective…your sneering tweet besmirched Churchill.

“He was the Prime Minister that led to this country standing up and saving itself from Hitler and the Nazis.”