FURIOUS East Kilbride parents are demanding action over fears ‘careless’ parking near a school could cause an accident.

Contractors working on a nearby housing development are leaving their cars and vans parked along a stretch of Auldhouse Road, on the southern outskirts of the town.

Lisa Wood, who runs her daughter Emily, nine, to school in Auldhouse every morning, says many parents have complained to South Lanarkshire Council and Miller Homes, who are building at the Benthall Farm development, to no avail.

“We feel like we are being ignored,” she said. “There were lots of reassurances when this housing development was being planned, that our safety on the roads would be taken into account – but now we have this terrible situation and no-one is listening to us.

“I counted 30 cars the other morning, from the brow of the hill all the way down to the roundabout where the road becomes single track – you couldn’t see anything coming over the hill so you just had to take a chance and go. It’s so careless.

“People trying to get in and out of the housing estate are having real difficulty too. There have been several near-misses and many of us have ended up having to reverse, over the speed bumps, in snowy and icy conditions. It’s a disgrace.”

Lisa added: “Do we really have to wait until a serious accident happens before something is done?”

Susan Potter, whose son River, nine, is also a pupil at the school, said: “I’m horrified at the lack of concern for safety, especially given the snowy conditions lately.

“It’s bad enough navigating that road when it’s icy, without having an obstacle course as well. Why don’t they use the car park provided on the site?”

The stretch of road was recently widened from a single track because of the development – an irony not lost on the parents.

“During the planning process, they made a big deal about the road being widened to benefit everyone, including those of us who take our children to school in Auldhouse,” said Lisa.

“It’s a joke that now we are back down to one lane, with nowhere to go, even worse visibility than there was before and another eight or so years of building still to go. It’s absolutely shocking.”

A spokesperson for Miller Homes said: “We are aware of concerns around parking next to our site at Benthall Farm in East Kilbride. We are in the process of reviewing our traffic management plan to help address these concerns.”

South Lanarkshire Council’s Head of Roads and Transportation Services Gordon Mackay said: “We are aware of the issues at this location and are in active dialogue with the company to ensure a suitable solution is forthcoming.”