MORE than 1200 potholes have been reported across Glasgow in the last month.

A total of 1260 craters have been spotted during Glasgow City Council’s routine road inspections, while 1500 have been repaired either ­permanently or temporarily by the local authority’s road teams.

It comes as the city begins to emerge from a bitter cold snap which put pressure on the roads.

As previously reported, last winter the severe conditions led to a deterioration of the city’s road network with more potholes and damaged road surfaces meaning complaints to the council soared.

Our photographers have captured some of the worst offenders blighting Glasgow roads as our Spothole campaign enters its second month.

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Backed by the Institute of Advanced Motoring IAM Roadsmart, we’re calling on readers to report the biggest craters by sending in pictures of the roads which need urgent attention.

The organisation said it has surveyed 7000 of its members across the UK and found that the eight out of ten said there are more potholes than three years ago and almost half said they had experienced damage to a vehicle as a result of hitting a pothole.

Neil Greig, IAM Roadsmart spokesman, said: “We are looking to the authorities such as Glasgow City Council to work together with Holyrood to produce a long term and sustainable plan to reduce the backlog of road maintenance before yet another damaging winter sets things back even further.”

While a spokesman for the local authority added: “Just over 1260 potholes have been identified in the past month either during our own routine inspections or through reports from the public.

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“In that time around 1500 potholes have been repaired by permanent resurfacing work or temporary patches, which can improve road safety in the short term.

“We monitor reports on a daily basis so we understand where to target resources and it’s fully anticipated the recent cold spell will have a negative effect on the roads surface.

“We will be increasing the number of teams working on pothole repairs to help deal with the impact of snow and ice in January.”

To enter a pothole to the campaign, simply snap a quick picture or video of the crumbling road surface and send it to

Let us know where and when it was spotted, and if your car was damaged.

The city’s biggest crater will be revealed at the end of the campaign.