THERE can be few females living in Glasgow who have not taken part in the women’s 10k at some point in their lives or cheered a relative or friend around the generously flat course.

The last time I took part in the race, which recently moved to the West End of the city, I tripped up on Gibson Street but was quickly hoisted up by a runner before she sped off into the distance.

For those new to jogging, it was the first 6.2-mile race braved and even as times and confidence improved it was the race we returned to because of the joyous and supportive atmosphere. Sometimes, the sun even shone.

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The event organisers say more women are now taking part in the Great Scottish Run, a mixed event, held later in the year, while Glasgow Life says the goal to encourage more women to take part in sport, ‘has been achieved’.

However, it will be a sad loss for those of us who crossed their first ever 10k finish line in Bellahouston Park and developed a life-long love of running, in part because of that race.