ANGRY customers have hit out at a high-end retailer in Glasgow after dozens walked away empty handed following a trainer release.

Hundreds queued overnight outside End on Ingram Street ahead of the Off-White x Nike Air Max 90, due to be released today.

But, customers claim store policy of one pair per customer was ignored and several shoppers left with multiple pairs of the shoes meaning those who queued weren't able to pick up a pair. 

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One angry shopper wrote: "Can someone explain to me how this is a fair way to raffle off pairs for exclusive releases?

"People queued for ages and got nothing and these three managed to get what looks to be three pairs each."

Evening Times:

And, customers have even claimed the store did this on purpose - opting to sell extra pairs to well-known "Instagram sellers" who go on to re-sell the goods at higher prices. 

One shopper, who asked not to be named, said: "People started queuing up last night, as they normally do, but things turned nasty because frustrations became so high. 

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"These Instagram sites who sell everything for two or three times the price are allowed to go first and buy multiple pairs so people who queued all night get nothing.

"It would be fair enough if you get in the queue and they sold out, that's the chance you take, but there's a lot of people camping out and to treat them this way is bad." 

Evening Times:

The shopper added: "You can see people leaving with loads of bags and people just became frustrated.

"Fights broke out and the police were called."

A Police Scotland spokeswoman confirmed officers were called to the release of £145 shoes but did not attend, instead offered advice to shop security.

However, the issue wasn't restricted to just Glasgow. 

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Online shoppers hit out at the website's raffle system which was allegedly down.

One wrote: "Your website still is not working! 

"Tried on my phone and online to enter the draw for these!! 

"This isn't fair at all."

While police in Newcastle were also called out to manage the crowds as hundreds of shoppers turned out in a bid to grab a pair of the rare shoes.

End has been contacted for comment.  


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