Campaigners across Glasgow are rejoicing after it was announced two of the city’s well loved community swimming pools have been saved from potential closure.

A leaked draft of the council budget, seen exclusively by the Evening Times, showed that both Whitehill and Drumchapel swimming pools were among various facilities facing the axe.

The news prompted an incredible surge of support for the community pools, where campaigners in the East End of Glasgow voiced their concern over the potential damage that the closures could do to the area, with even Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn making his way north of the border to lend his support for the campaign.

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But yesterday, Glasgow City Council’s depute leader David McDonald said the local authority has taken the option off the table.

A spokeswoman for Save Whitehill Pool said: “We welcome the announcements not to close Whitehill Pool and Haghill gym, we believe that the provision of local sports facilities should be seen as an investment in communities and not a cost.

“It is imperative that these facilities are available for future generations to use and enjoy, therefore we call on Glasgow Life not only to keep facilities open but to invest in them for the future.

“We would also like certainty that the Alexandra Park Golf Course will remain open for the public to enjoy, green space is limited resource and important for the city.

“Lastly, we would like to thank everyone that helped out with the campaign, including the 4,200 signatories of our petition, to the team of +50 volunteers who gave up their spare time, the swimming clubs and lastly our elected members who supported the campaign throughout.”

Ivan McKee, MSP for the area, added: “I’m absolutely delighted by this news. It’s well deserved.

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“Our local community, led by the community council, has harnessed everyone’s energy into a creative campaign showing there’s real power in people getting together to clearly say what they want and need in their own neighbourhood.”

Drumchapel’s Councillor Paul Carey, who joined forces with Whitehill councillors in a bid to fight against the potential bid, also shared his delight.

He said: “I am absolutely delighted. I believe the options to close these pools were very real and it is only the pressure of the campaigning by the Evening Times, the online petition to Save Drumchapel Pool and the hundreds of people that turned up for the meeting for Whitehill Pool that made Glasgow Life think twice.

“However, it would have been good if the depute leader of the had confirmed this decision a number of months ago.”

And his delight was shared by fellow Labour politician, Whitehill’s MP Paul Sweeney.

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He said: “This is a victory for people power in my constituency. I’m delighted for the campaigners who have fought tirelessly for this outcome.

“But the fact remains that cuts have consequences. And because the SNP administration in City Chambers are little more than cheerleaders for the disproportionate cuts their Holyrood masters are making to Glasgow’s budget, it is inevitable that the axe must now fall elsewhere – doubtless on a community which is less able to mobilise against it.”

“It’s time for Susan Aitken to fight for a fairer deal for all Glaswegians instead of acting as an apologist for the SNP’s amplification of Tory austerity.”

However, SNP Councillor Malcolm Balfour insisted he and fellow Drumchapel councillor Elspeth Kerr met with Mr McDonald and city council leader Susan Aitken to argue the case and the duo were on board with saving the pools.

He said: “It’s a shame that councillors have chosen to misrepresent [the options] that were only suggested options and nothing was decided.

“We have now made that decision as an administration not to close these facilities.”

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Ms Aitken added: “Mr Sweeney again displays his customary lack of political and self-awareness. Today this council will finally resolve, to the tune of half a billion pounds, more than a decade of discrimination put in place by his Labour colleagues to the detriment of thousands of low-paid, female Glaswegians.

“This legacy of ingrained discrimination has created the greatest financial challenge this city has experienced in recent history “The City Government has fought tooth and nail to protect Glasgow from Tory austerity.” top of this, we will do everything we can to protect our citizens and communities from the impact of the injustices perpetrated by Mr Sweeney’s party."

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