up playing a game of bowls before the first of their two shows at Glasgow’s 02 Academy.

Dan and the lads Kyle and Woody also managed to check out Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum ahead of their concert.

The boys took over a lane at Hollywood Bowl and Woody the drummer who is a massive fan of Argyle Plymouth football team also admitted he was thrilled to find out we had our own Argyle Street.

He said: “The fact that Glasgow has an Argyle Street means that we’re very likely to become best friends.”

Woody revealed he planned to eat haggis, drink Buckfast responsibly and have fun with friends while he was here.

American Idiot hits right note

I TRAVELLED through to the capital’s Playhouse theatre for the press show of American Idiot – the musical based on Green Day’s hit songs.

The show which comes to Glasgow’s King’s from

May 28 to June 1 tells the tale of three boyhood pals who venture into the big wide world after 9/11.

The music and voices are incredibly strong and the industrial and urban street sets are pretty cool too. I did have to look away during the heroin injecting scene though – I’ve always been squeamish with these things.

The hugely-talented cast includes Tom Milner from Waterloo Road, and X Factor’s Sam Lavery, above, and Luke Friends. The cast have already been enjoying Edinburgh visiting the Escape Rooms and The Mousetrap Bar in between shows.

If you’re a Green Day fan it’s a must see – as is the Green Day tribute band in Glasgow’s Shed tonight.

New album for Boyle


is gearing up for the final of America’s Got Talent as well as her brand new album.

Susan, who is always a joy to interview, has just announced her new album TEN, which will feature four surprise songs on it.

Susan said: “I’m a lady who likes to surprise, which is why I want to keep the four new songs a secret for now. We live in a time where there are very few surprises anymore. I promise you won’t be disappointed.”

All will be revealed when it is released in May but she’s taking advance orders for it now.

I can reveal that the Scots star enlisted the skills of Kylie Minogue’s producer Steve Anderson for her new album and that her now famous audition video was the most watched YouTube video ever – beating President Obama’s inauguration five times over.