A DRUNK woman with a small cut on her finger caused a hospital to be put on lockdown after angrily setting off the fire alarm when she was told she had to queue.

Drunk Ainsley Gray, 24, was taken by ambulance to Inverclyde Royal Hospital, Greenock, Inverclyde, with a “superficial” wound.

But when told she would have to wait and was low priority, Gray stormed out of A&E, pressing a fire alarm as she left on October 20.

Fiscal depute David Glancy told a court: “The accused had been taken by ambulance from her home to the hospital with what is described as a ‘superficial’ laceration to her finger.

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“She was a low priority for treatment and was waiting for a couple of hours, and she made it pretty clear to staff that she was not happy.

“She engaged with staff at reception and it was explained to her that there was a queue.

“What she did next was effectively storm out of the hospital, pressing the fire alarm as she exited the sliding doors.

“CCTV footage was reviewed by the police and the accused was visited later in the day.

She admitted, ‘I only pushed the alarm’.”

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Gray, of Poplar Street, Greenock, Inverclyde, admitted acting aggressively and setting off the alarm when she appeared at Greenock Sheriff Court.

Mr Glancy added: “There was an ill patient in A&E who was on the verge of being moved for a CT scan and the accused’s actions delayed his treatment.

“A nurse saw the accused running across the car park towards Larkfield Road.

“She was well away before the fruits of her pressing of the button were made apparent to her.

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“The hospital effectively goes into lockdown whereby all the doors are locked, preventing the movement of staff and patients until the source of the alarm is ascertained, and also whether it is a false alarm.”

Defending, Aidan Gallagher said: “She was intoxicated on the night in question. She is effectively a first offender, but clearly this is a serious matter.”

Sheriff Derek Hamilton said: “I view this as a very serious matter.

“You pushing and alarm that locks all the doors can have horrendous consequences for people.”

Sentence was deferred until February 20 for a background report.