THE grief-stricken family of murdered Julie Reilly appealed for her killer to tell them where her remains are.

Speaking outside the High Court in Glasgow Julie's sister Lynne Bryce said: “On behalf of my mum, Julie's family and myself we would like to take this opportunity to thank Mark Bell and his whole team for the significant work in solving my sister's case.

“And, all who helped out with the police.

“Without them Andrew Wallace would still be walking our streets to kill again.

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“I hope that if he has a heart he could now please tell us where he has put my sister and let her come home to be put to rest properly, with the dignity she deserves.”

DCI Mark Bell said he had to pay dignity to Julie's family.

He said: “Quite simply I need to make an appeal to Mr Wallace. Despite what's happened today, despite the fact he pled guilty, you need to do the honourable thing Mr Wallace.

“I ask you and plead with you, engage directly with me over the coming days, tell me where Julie is, allow me to put efforts in place to recover Julie and provide and dignity for her and her family.”

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