Gogglebox gal Sandi Bogle will be on her best behaviour as a guest of honour at the Purple Ball this weekend.

The outspoken lady is about to star in new Channel 4 show Famous and Fighting Crime becoming a volunteer police officer on the show.

I had a wild weekend out with Sandy and her telly partner Sandra Martin a couple of years ago when they last came to Scotland with businessman Tony Benedetti.

We ended up in lots of bars including the Waterloo Bar as well as Brian Matthews' old bar in the Merchant City. We also bumped into a couple of police officers on the night but luckily they just wanted a selfie.

James McAvoy received one of his best freebies yet after his appearance on Saturday Night Live.

The Scots actor was given a very fetching gold toilet seat from Charmin after a bit of toilet humour on the show.

James pointed out he wasn’t paid to talk about the gift on Instagram however added: “If Charmin want a poster boy I clean up real good.”

His friend Nicholas Hoult told him: “Pahahahaha, this is so you.”

The Benidorm cast have been having a blast in Glasgow while they’ve been playing at the Kings Theatre.

The cast all went for grub at Vietnamese restaurant Non Viet.

They also revealed that they help one another to look good backstage.

Actor Jake Canuso who plays Mateo actually lovingly styles the hair of the shows camp hairdresser Tony Maudsley before every performance.